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Real-time Feedback

Recently I saw an excellent example of an organiation trying to do better by obtaining real-time feedback from their customers. It was in a place where you may least expect customer input: London Heathrow airport. Directly after picking up your bags on the opposite side of the x-ray machines at London Heathrow, there is a small kiosk with a screen and a few buttons. The service is provided by a company called HappyOrNot.

Here you can see that it’s very easy for you to simply select your mood after clearing security, and then offer any additional comments if you wish.

I’m sure there could be many other applications of this real-time feedback, such as stores, restaurants, or online sites.

Sometimes all you need is a little comfort that there’s someone on the other end of the line waiting to hear your thoughts. Customer service counts, and it’s best if organizations can react to the customer feedback immediately.

Update 6/6/2013:

Yesterday I was traveling through Frankfurt’s terminal Z  (which also deserves multiple design awards) before departing back to JFK on Lufthansa. Inside the bathroom the HappyOrNot service was deployed again, this time to ensure that the bathroom cleanliness was satisfactory.

HappyOrNot Frankfurt


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