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Thought Leaders With Content Worth Devouring

My account on Twitter reaches one year old on Tuesday, and similar to many other individuals working in the internet industry, I have seen my fair share of proclaimed “Social Media Gurus/Experts”. On the contrary, a few users have made their way across my news feed daily due to the reputable and informative content that they publish regularly.

So, its safe to say that I immediately devour the material published by the following thought leaders:

PR 2.0 | Brian Solis – Public Relations and communications.
The Future Buzz | Adam Singer – Media, marketing, and PR. | “Pushing the world forward.”
Seth’s Blog | Seth Godin – Internet news, and motivational.
Peter Shankman – Social Media, and PR.

This short list alone is enough to stay in line with the forefront of internet trends and behavior. Please leave a comment there is a source of information that you always consume yourself with once published.


11 2009

Social Media For What?


This post was inspired by Adam Singer’s post named “What If?“.

To everyone who uses Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Digg, Flickr, and/or other social websites: What do you do you use these tools for?

I use social media…?

For innovation.

For social causes.

For collaboration.

For transparency.

For feedback.

For education.

For connecting.

For pursuing your passion.

For simplicity.

For brand-equity.

For talking with your customers.

For sharing.

For marketing.

For finding a job.

For better business.

For curiosity.

For relationships.

For knowledge.

For news.

For fun.

For making things happen.

For achieving your dreams.

Embrace these early years of social media for future success and prosperity.

If you have ideas on other uses for social media, feel free to leave a comment.


05 2009