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Today I completed my first-ever crowdfunding investment. Beyond my excitement for the direct beneficiary, DSTLD, I feel as if this is “one small check for man, and one giant leap for mankind”. With just a couple clicks of a button, I was able to harness my excitement and support DSTLD in the form of a small investment. Moreover, I am taking ownership in their success. This is what crowdfunding is all about: I am not an accredited investor, but I am actively earning an income and I am seeking to invest my savings¬†in young companies who I believe will grow big.

DSTLD is a particular fashion company who I believe will grow big because they’ve focused on providing a great staple product, jeans, at prices that are much more affordable than traditional designer labels. I first became a customer of theirs when they were named “20Jeans” in 2014, as I was drawn by their sleek web design and the promise of high quality jeans for just $30. And when the jeans arrived, it was clear to me this company was the real deal when it comes to quality. From the website to the packaging to the fabric, I was pleased all around. I still wear the items that I purchased over two years ago.

If you’re interested in startup fashion or the possibility of contributing to a promising crowdfunding campaign, I suggest you check out DSTLD before their round closes in the next couple of weeks:¬†DSTLD SeedInvest Campaign

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