The Hacker Map

A few months back in the fall (2010), the users of Hacker News were so kind and generous to contribute their mark on the Hacker News Map project. In total, I used a mapping tool to collect almost exactly 5,000 IP’s from Hackers and Founders around the world.

A few weeks ago, I took this data and decided it would look really nice on my wall if I had a designer create an inspiring visualization of the data points. With the help of crowd sourcing services such as the popular, I created a design project to make the world beautiful. One week later, I had a stunning .JPEG file in my hands. The power of the interconnected population on the web fascinates me every day.

My goal is to offer this map to anyone who would enjoy a visual representation of the Hacker News community, which we sometimes forget is geographically diverse.

Hacker map by the numbers: 1,500 entries logged from 5,000 IP’s tracked on 6 continents.

Please review which of the two options will be best for you:

Hacker News Map .JPEG FileAn enriching visual refinement for a wall, desktop background, or screensaver near you.

If you are feeling especially charitable today, feel free to show your appreciation for this project.