First E-Book Experience

This week I’ve finally purchased my first real e-book. The Filter Bubble by Eli Pariser.

After my high school graduation last month I was fortunate to receive an Apple iPad. Am I much of a laggard? Maybe. I tend to hold off on the first iteration of any new product release. During the past few weeks I’ve been navigating my way around my iPad 2 wifi version. Just a couple days ago I downloaded Kindle app with the hope of finding real productivity on my tablet device.

I’ve been happy with the Kindle app for my reading. A few observations of things that have been most useful:

  • Mobile ads are big business, they are installed on almost every free app.
  • My book comes with me wherever I travel.
  • Ability to highlight lines and search for definition of obscure words.
  • Kindle app syncs my progress across all devices, android, iPad, and desktop.
  • Instant access to more books!
  • Reliable battery life. (This is crucial.)

I didn’t expect to be using my iPad as my primary e-reader. Although, I think the iPad is so appealing because it’s low maintenance and it only requires one or two unique user experiences (e-reading) to make it worthwhile.  There are a few other important apps which are nagging at my attention, such as the recently released ShowMe App which is enabling teachers to flip the classroom. It will be interesting to see if any other excellent content creation mechanisms evolve on the iOS platform.

I’m looking forward to posting more about my thoughts on The Filter Bubble, and why we need to be cautious about a world that revolves around our likes and interests.

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