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Last Friday October 15th, I was fortunate to have an opportunity to go on a private tour of the Google world headquarters in Mountain View, California. I have always read things about the unique company culture loved by so many of Google’s employees but it wasn’t until I got an up-close look that I realized how unique the company operates. All of the employees are treated to free food in drinks in kitchens located on every floor of their buildings in the Googleplex. Googlers also benefit from free services such as on site laundry, car mechanics, bikes, shuttles into San Francisco, a world class gym, and much more.

I could definitely see how the Google company culture instills a sense of “thinking big outside of the box” and how the employees leverage their ideas to change the world with their labs experiments. One of the recent projects I would like to pass along is a simple slideshow that shines a spotlight on some of the most interesting creations on the world wide web. Browse through the slides, click on a few interesting links, and embrace the creative sites showcased in this Google project.

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