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There is no question that everyone reading this post uses internet tools to live smarter. Whether the internet tools you use help you simplify, organize, monetize, or save money, we all use them. As of 2009, participation on the internet is at an all time high because people want to live more efficient lives. This means more and more people continue to be exposed to different media, diverse viewpoints, and posses the ability to connect with one another at the same time. Really, now how fascinating is that, when compared to just 50 years ago?

So, as you can see, the internet is revolutionizing the way people live. I know, that first paragraph was way to generic. Here are some specific examples of how the internet allows the world to live smarter:

Education– The intended use of the internet. How many of you have learned what you do on the internet now, through a book?

Communication– Probably the most vital aspect of being able to function. Email saves paper, thus saving the environment. Plus it’s a whole lot cheaper than regular mail.

Performance Marketing– Businesses are now able to maximize advertising ROI because they have the ability to micro target consumers, who are interested in buying their products online.

Analytics– Humans have never before been able to analyze, compare, and contrast people’s actions. Therefore, more precise trends can be predicted.

Social– Relationships are important to success with anything. Social media has taken relationships to the next level.

Save Money– This past weekend, I booked a room on for $90/night in D.C.. I bid for a 4 star hotel with 2 kings. I ended up with a suite that had 3 kings, 3 bathrooms, a dining room, a large living room, and 4 LCD TV’s. The best part, the room’s standard rate is $5,500/night. Now would you call that living luxurious or living smarter?

What do you do on the internet to live smarter?

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