Non-Traditional Media Outlets: Aerial Advertising

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Today marks the summer solstice,  and if you are like many people living in coastal areas, you will be spending some time on the beach during the next few weeks. This past weekend I sat on the beach on the Jersey Shore, gazing at the incessant stream of aerial advertisements towed through the sky at minimum headway speed. On the July 4th weekend I will be sifting through the sand on South Beach in Miami, Florida and as people flock to the beach during the summer holiday season, and an opportunity to capture their attention in the sky is valuable real estate.

A variety of advertisements from the local restaurants to major brands such as Coca-Cola had opted to reach out to the beach goers via an aerial advertisement. Many advertisers prefer aerial advertisements in their summer marketing budget because they offer a way to connect with potential customers in a non-cluttered environment, as the banner is viewed with a nice large blue backdrop. To local merchants this is very valuable in order to stand out among their nearby competition, and according to survey statistics about 60% of aerial advertisement viewers recall the message 30 minutes after viewing.  If large brands execute aerial advertisements properly in one market, their campaign can easily be expanded nationwide to the various seasonal and year-round beach communities throughout the country.

Costs vary according to the air time that you intend to purchase, but an average campaign (an impression is equal to one fly-by) in one beach area can cost about $450 per hour in the sky. Rates are relatively the same in all beach areas nationwide whether or not you are on the Jersey Shore or South Beach, Miami. With initial banner creation costs varying between a few hundred dollars for a text message to around $1,000 for a banner, aerial advertising can be profitable advertising platform which will engage your audience if done right.

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