So You Want To Make The Next “Big” Website?

Believe it or not, even today, it’s possible to make a website TODAY, that will someday compete with Facebook, YouTube, etc.

As you have probably have heard multiple times, there is no secret formula to the success of these huge sites. However, there are a few common characteristics of their founders and stories. An idea is the starting point, but a unique idea that makes your site better than another person’s is the idea that will succeed. Then, executing the idea takes persistence and patience. The part that many people often leave out is timing, timing is everything. What makes the web so special and unique, is that it is constantly changing. Whatever is successful today, may not be successful tomorrow. Emerging technology forces web companies to code newer and more efficient tools on the web. The time that your startup site enters the web is crucial to it success because of these new tools, making or breaking a success story. This is unlike other industries/careers, such as doctors and lawyers because for the most part, the tools that made you a successful lawyer ten years ago, will most likely make you a successful lawyer today. (Not saying that lawyers or doctors aren’t great professions, that’s not true, they are very dedicated people.)

Back on the “Big” website idea, basically, if you focus on strategy (long term) instead of tactics (easily mastered in short term), then you will have a higher probability of developing successful website. Having a passion for your idea will allow you to outlast your competitors when they get bored. But ultimately, the reality is that it takes years for sites to go “big”. If it really is that idea that has been brewing inside your head for months, that idea that you know will take you to great heights, just don’t have you or the idea saying: “Please, please, don’t leave me.”

This post was inspired by Seth Godin’s post on  The Secret of the Web.

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07 2009
  • Ghazi Khan

    thanks 🙂

  • Laura

    I got a new idea on how to make the next Facebook or even better I’m only 13 but I need alittle help getting it started so can anybody tell me the steps. Thank You

  • Sergey

    I have a great idea too but i need someone trusted to build it !!
    Any help?

  • Antoine Mayer

    I’m a developer and I’m interested in new ideas.
    Contact me : [email protected]


  • Isaac

    quantitative analyzer, computer science major, phd of quant
    [email protected]

  • Joe Njenga

    Awesome…..a very precise and useful post that is straight to point.

  • Naresh Raj

    I want make website

  • Jay Steel

    Hi My Name is Joseph Gilden and i would like help building the next big web sight that will be as popular as facebook if not bigger!
    I will not discuss anything till much more communication has been applied.
    This is not a joke, its a simple and brilliant idea i came up with and am 100 percent sure that it will be popular. Unfortunately the domain name has been taking when i put it into a domain web sight creator. But is not in use when i plug it directly to search.

    please only serious inquirers.

    Hope the right person contacts me this is really going to happen its just a matter of time and i hope im the one to bring it to life!

  • Evan Anthony

    Hey, Jay. Do you still have this idea or have you acted on it? I see it’s been a year. I’d love to hear it and do my best to help you out. I’m an entrepreneur too and have started a website ( and am in the process of designing a mobile game (can’t go into detail either). Shoot me an email sometime. [email protected]


  • Mario Jones

    That was well put. Thanks for the inspiration. I also have an idea and need a developer to team up with. you can see where I am at in my blog thanks again.

  • Deepak Ramachandran (singer)

    I can help you build that website. I’m a computer programmer.

    Give me your Skype