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Artificial Intelligence Leads Web Innovation

Over the past couple years a few select companies have been extremely successful because of their ability to develop a revolutionary artificial intelligence tool that improves our quality of life. Why? The startups that have developed these smart applications are revolutionizing their industry, they are innovating new technology that thinks like we humans do, except only better. Algorithms developed by startups with substantial AI applications have proven to be very popular, because they only get smarter overtime, making better decisions from our behavior.

Who are these startups that lead innovation within their industries?


Animoto is revolutionizing cinematic artificial intelligence. Their product thinks and acts like a movie director and editor. No movie sideshow is ever the same.


Pandora creates a custom individual music station catered to each users music preferences. Their algorithms allow for the best passive music listening experience.


In case you haven’t seen the news over the past two years, Netflix just finished a contest with a $1 million prize for the team that could improve their AI based movie recommendation tool for their customers.

clickable claims to have the smartest PPC management tool anywhere. Their tool makes recommendations for your PPC campaigns, so you can attain a larger ROI from your PPC advertisements.

Then of course, with the good, their is always bad. Many scientists have begun to worry that machines will soon be able to outsmart humans, and eventually take advantage of us. While this is likely not an immediate concern, scientists are proposing that research be stopped, so that humans will always have control over computers. Checkout this New York Times article.

Also, largely unseen to consumers, internet advertising is extremely sophisticated now when it comes to targeting. Many advertising networks now allow major corporations to enable targeting to a specific demographic; and then re-targeting based on a users actions if they did or did not buy the advertisement offer.

In the short term internet companies that are funding research and development for their AI products will succeed at having the most innovative, and likely most profitable product in their industry. Not to mention the value proposition against competitors is a major advantage to have in their industry.


08 2009