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Idea Sharing: Who Is Doing It Right?

Over the past year, user generated feedback to companies big and small has really taken off. Why are so many companies adopting this new system of feedback on their websites? These feedback forums spark innovation. It’s simple, customers get what they want, and companies become more efficient. However, it is important to note the relationship between company and customer here is essential. Companies need these feedback ideas to stay ahead of the game. Plus, customers want to see their ideas implemented so they can be more productive. The best part is that this whole relationship is completely transparent.

Who is doing idea and feedback sharing right?



They are using a custom service from Brightidea, Inc. that allows Adobe users to collaborate and decide which innovative ideas they like best.

Whole Foods


Based off the service from Get Satisfaction, like the name says, everyone is satisfied! Whole Foods gains valuable insight from their shoppers.



Somewhat similar to Whole Foods, TweetDeck is using UserVoice. The best part is that UserVoice is being the most innovative!



I don’t have much experience with this one, but it is an awesome tool to gain feedback from all areas on your site.

Are you letting your customers give feedback that will allow your company to be innovative, and drive business to the next level?


04 2009