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While in recent weeks it seems that politics and tech-scandals have dominated the headline news, a sleeper open source project has been gaining critical mass appeal: The Ethereum Project is a new blockchain developed by Vitalik Buterin that has similar characteristics to Bitcoin. Importantly, the blockchain can be used to reduce risks in market transactions and as a store of value. For example, take a look at the growth in the price of one ether over the past year (courtesy of Coinbase):






If you click to see a detailed view of this graph, you’ll notice that the price per unit has more than quadrupled over the past three months alone. I am not able to pin point the cause of the divergence of interest from Bitcoin to Ethereum, however, it is apparent Bitcoin is experiencing problems (such as the possibility of a hard fork) and also major public companies such as Microsoft are demonstrating serious interest in commercializing blockchain services using Ethereum. As a consequence, it is possible that a significant number of speculators are taking some of their profits from Bitcoin and diversifying their holdings into Ethereum. Either way, the interest in Ethereum is booming and there is still time to position yourself ahead of the curve if you wish to take part.



03 2017