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The Future of Web Development

All of the sudden actively maintain an online profile/identity has become mainstream. More people than ever before are sharing content and producing content, because web developers have made it extremely easy for them to do so. However, with the current generation of web developers reaching their prime now, where is the next generation of developers to continue building new programs, applications, and other tools on the web? Two blog posts that I’ve read recently explain just that:

Where is the Next Generation of Developers (

10 Skills developers will need in the next five years (

The younger generation is certainly involved with the computers, but they are not learning how to build these programs that they use everyday. This is not a good sign for the future of computer science, since computers use continues to grow, while education of how to use computers declines. Some of the most important reasons that kids are not interested in learning about programming are that to many it seems straight up boring, all of the programs that they need exist already, and educators don’t offer it to them in school.

First, the boring part can be fixed most of the time. To get kids interested in programming, engage them. Easier said than done, but if you make it relevant to their lives and provide meaning, they will want to learn. As for programs existing already, this is vital to applications that will be developed progressively. Understanding and manipulating existing code is vital to the innovation of currently developed applications. This is hard to solve though, because in most schools, computer science courses are limited and educators do not see the importance of computer programming literate students in the future. Checkout this eye-opening video:


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