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My account on Twitter reaches one year old on Tuesday, and similar to many other individuals working in the internet industry, I have seen my fair share of proclaimed “Social Media Gurus/Experts”. On the contrary, a few users have made their way across my news feed daily due to the reputable and informative content that they publish regularly.

So, its safe to say that I immediately devour the material published by the following thought leaders:

PR 2.0 | Brian Solis – Public Relations and communications.
The Future Buzz | Adam Singer – Media, marketing, and PR. | “Pushing the world forward.”
Seth’s Blog | Seth Godin – Internet news, and motivational.
Peter Shankman – Social Media, and PR.

This short list alone is enough to stay in line with the forefront of internet trends and behavior. Please leave a comment there is a source of information that you always consume yourself with once published.

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