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A Quick End of Summer Blog Stats Review

This past summer I garnered a lot of attention and reaction on a few pieces of content published on this blog. Most notably this past weekend my project aiming to map out the Hacker News users has been up-voted on the homepage of for well over 24 hours. This recent project harnessing the attention of thousands of Hacker News users has launched my overall unique visitor account twofold for the summer. To be precise, I just surpassed the 10,000 unique visitor threshold this hour for my total summer count. I’m extremely happy that visitors from numerous referral sources have been interested in accessing the content on my blog over the past three months. Thank you!

Summer 2010 Traffic Fast Facts:

  • Visitors came from 109 countries. Most popular countries in the following order: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany.
  • 93% of the visitors were accessing the site for the first time.
  • 12,000+ page views sitewide.
  • Most popular site content: Hacker News page, Air France Concorde story, The State of the Kindle.
  • Most popular referring keyword: “playlists for parties” (“John Marbach” was 7th with 9 referrals).
  • Most popular traffic sources:,,
  • Web browsers used: Chrome (44.4%), Firefox (27.9%), Safari (19.3%), Internet Explorer (03.6%)
  • Approximately 50 social media reactions.
  • Most popular mobile devices: iPhone, iPad, Android. To support the argument of rising popularity in the mobile web, about 1 in every 11 visitors accessed via a mobile device.


Interesting fact:

The most popular operating system was a near tie with Macintosh (Apple) edging out Windows (PC) by less than 80 visitors. 3,788 for Mac and 3,714 for Windows, or 37.97% Mac versus 37.23% PC.

Let the Mac vs. PC battle continue!

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