Thiel Makes the Case for Trump

For anyone following the U.S. Presidential election campaign over the past two years, it is clear that so many of the events during this cycle are unprecedented and that this country is about to make a vital difficult decision for its leadership next week. Importantly, for the first time in many years, the nominee for one of the two major parties in America is a Washington-outsider, Donald Trump. While Trump’s crude comments and uncouth behavior in his personal life are inexcusable, my beliefs align strongly with Trump and Thiel on the serious issues where government has a large role to play. I agree that, as Thiel puts it, the “happy but misleading consensus about thingsĀ [in America]” is a dangerous public opinion that will worsen a variety of issues over the next four years. Specifically, the big issues where Trump has spoken truth to the powerful Washington elites include:

  • Questioning the concept of American Exceptionalism.
  • Questioning the force of optimism, “Hope” (e.g. Obama ’08), without hard work.
  • Questioning our foreign trade deals, which have resulted in a $1/2 trillion deficit.
  • Questioning America’s role in fighting five simultaneous wars.
  • Questioning the effectiveness of our immigration policies.
  • Questioning the effectiveness of a government-based healthcare system.
  • Questioning general government bloat and inefficiency.


As Thiel puts it, Trump’s rejection of the misleading rhetoric in American politics over the past 30 years is not crazy, instead it is staring reality in the face and refusing to believe in bubble-thinking. And by questioning conventional beliefs about our biggest problems, we can finally begin to change our government and policies in a way that creates a better life for all Americans, not just the political and social elites.

I understand that the early votes are already being tallied and most of the electorate have made up their mind, but I encourage you to at least listen to Thiel’s voice of reason amidst the chaos in the media:

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