Going Personal For Better Business

Many successful business owners often are striving to:

1) Grow relationships with customers.


2) Be innovative in their industry.

I believe that ideally the most successful business’s combine the two areas.  If you can continually have better relationships with your customers or partners, then trust builds over time and your customers will be more likely to do business with you. Combine that with your business striving to be the most efficient tool for your customers and bingo, you are growing your business better than the competition.

For instance, Convert2Media has always been one of my favorite affiliate networks. Why? C2M has dedicated countless hours towards their affiliates, helping them be better marketers and make more money. I haven’t seen any other online business be more upfront and personal than C2M. Especially Ruck, he’s the man, offering a guaranteed response to any question in their new coaching forum. They continually grow relationships with publishers, while initiating the first affiliate network coaching forums and podcasting sessions.

Most affiliate networks leave the personal side for affiliate managers to handle. Many publishers have developed relationships that grow their business, but this is not nearly enough to maximize the potential to establish undeniable trust between networks.

Also, another shameless plug goes out to MediaTrust. Without a doubt, their affiliate managers know how to grow business through relationships. On top that, their weekly news show Relevantly Speaking and newly released platform for publishers are top-notch.

Even if its not all that much, the extra effort goes a long way. Get personal.

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05 2009
  • Braeden Grant

    I told my mates about your blog and they thanked me. Thank u for the share!!