To All Affiliates: Stop The Spam

Okay, take a look-


This is what I saw when I logged into my Facebook news stream twenty minutes ago. An advertiser/affiliate spamming Facebook users with a trojan horse script.

I realize that the majority of affiliates do not participate in malicious behavior when promoting offers. On the other hand, there is a bad bunch of affiliates out there, with way to much time on their hands, making lame attempts at trying to spam consumers throughout the web, trying to convert their product.

This behavior really is hurting the industry as a whole, from advertisers, to networks, to affiliates, it effects everyone.

So, the next time you email your overseas programmer to create a script that spams blogs, Facebook, Twitter, whatever…, STOP.

Instead, take a walk outside, enjoy the beautiful June weather and only promote offers through the channels advertisers allow.

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06 2009
  • David Merfield

    I hate to say it, but affiliate marketers do not have a favorable reputation. When I think of affiliate marketing “Hey I go free acai berry from …” springs to mind.

  • John

    Yeah Dave, I agree. With ridiculous spam as show in the picture above, how can you give a favorable reputation to that? Spamming users isn’t creating a real trustworthy brand, it’s not what marketing really is. This spam is why large corporations tend to stay away from performance marketing, because of the brand tarnishing spam.

    If these methods of offer promotion continue, then the industry as a whole will most likely not progress forward into true brand development and real marketable qualities.