Adknowledge Integrates Bidding Into Virtual Goods

Just last month Adknowledge became the first company to integrate a bidding system into virtual goods platforms. Their innovative offering is the first of its kind, and it is playing off the current virtual goods boom that is taking place across the socialshpere. Through their updated ad platform, advertisers can now bid to have their offers completed via CPA pricing. To a CPA marketer, this type of traffic is gold because the it enables a guaranteed ROI if the bid on the campaign is high enough.

I expect other ad networks and virtual goods platforms to follow suit and integrate some sort of option for advertisers to compete for the spot in a virtual game. Adknowledge has really taken this first step to allow a free market for advertisers to compete for the virtual goods offers that millions of social users complete daily. Take a look at this offering for sure, I look forward to using the Adknowledge bid system soon!

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01 2010